Moving Mountains

“Most assuredly I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there, ’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.”  Matthew 17:20

Do you fully believe in and rely on faith?  Do you believe the promises of the Bible?  I thought I did.  But part of me wanted to hold on to reality.  I have learned that my “reality” and my faith have no place to coexist.  Either you believe and rely on God wholeheartedly, or you don’t.

I discovered this through an ill family member.  He’s a young guy in his early 30s that is in need of a heart.  Who knew I could learn so much through his diseased heart?  He contracted a virus that invaded and destroyed his heart.  He went into the ICU and was hooked up to life supporting/saving devices.  His heart did not work, it gave up.  Without the machines, he would die.  I remember talking with other family members about his odds.  See, he had to be put on the donor list first.  And he was having challenges just getting on that list.  Then, can you imagine what has to happen after you get put on the list?

How does a donor heart get to me?

  1. A potential donor who has been confirmed brain dead must be identified
  2. Next of kin is told of the chance to donate their relative’s organs and tissues. They must give their permission
  3. An OPO – Organ Procurement Organization – is called to decide if any of the donor’s organs are acceptable. If so, they get the family’s official permission and attempt to match the donor with the most suitable recipient(s)
  4. Organs are surgically removed from the donor
  5. The donor organs are taken to the transplant center where the surgery will be done
  6. That’s where you come in as the potential recipient

taken from

So you successfully get put on the list, but then you have to wait for a donor.  Then the donor’s family has to approve it.  Then there is the medical approval.  THEN, it has to match.  It has to MATCH.  I remember talking with my dad who had told me that the doctor’s had all but washed their hands of his condition.  They told his family, that it was in God’s hands from this point on.  His only hope was a new heart.  I remember thinking, what were the odds of that happening on time.

I come from a long line of Christians.  My family is inundated with believers and God’s workers.  It’s natural, that a prayer chain started.  Via email, via facebook, gospel singings, we all began to pray.  And pray and pray and pray.  I remember some of my first prayers to God were please Lord, let your will be done and let the family have peace.  Sound familiar?  That prayer that you say because you don’t believe God will intervene on someone’s behalf.  Not so much because of the person, it’s just your own lack of faith that keeps you pessimistic.

I guess when a situation seems hopeless to us here on earth, we pray for the best possible outcome as known to us.  I mean people go on donor lists for years.  Ryan doesn’t have years.  He can’t survive without the machines.  And they aren’t guaranteed for the long term.  He needs a heart now.  The doctors are at the end of their  abilities.  It is now in God’s hands.  Lord, please let the family be at peace.

I remember, walking one morning on my new found exercise regimen,  when I heard God speaking to MY heart.  He asked me, “Why are you praying for my will to be done?  Why aren’t you praying for a new heart? What are you afraid of?”  I kept walking and started thinking.  Why am I just praying for God’s will?  For peace for the family.  Why?  Faith can move mountains!  The bible says so!  And with that, I began to pray every day for him a new heart.  For God’s perfect timing.   That only God would know at what moment he would recieve the heart.  And that this journey would serve as a testimony to so many, me included.  Fast forward 1 month to an email to the prayer chain group.

“CALLING ALL PRAYER WARIORS…THANK YOU JESUS! GOD has answered a prayer…RYAN is getting his needed heart at 2:30 pm today! Please be in prayer for him during the surgery and his family that this surgery will be a success and that his body will not reject it. We already know when God does a work that it is perfect He just wants us to believe when we pray!”

He just wants us to believe when we pray.  He just wants us to believe when we pray.  HE just wants US to BELIEVE when we PRAY.

All of my prayers, from this point forward, will be to move mountains.  Those are the prayers where mighty things happen.  Where hearts are healed and restored.  Mine was.

He’s 15 minutes into his surgery for his new heart.  Lord, restore him.  Heal him.  Let him be your walking talking testimony.  Amen.


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