Monthly Archives: March 2014

You can’t love them to heaven

You go through life working and worrying. Worrying about time. Money. Stupid things really. We go to work. Church. Gatherings. I worry about my time. I’m always in a rush. Did the kids get their homework finished? Is dinner going to be on time? I’m tired! Is the dog fed? How are we going to pay for the car problems? The house addition?

But when a friend loses her child, because that child takes his life, it all comes into focus. They are greiving. Heart sick. All you can do is say, I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry. Nothing else matters. You hear the words spoken by the greiving. About their precious beloved. The Father is holding him in his arms. But is He?

All those years you spend worrying about time and money. All of those things you spend your worry and heart on. Were they what mattered? Because what matters is if your precious child, the one you love adore and ache over is with the Father. Is he in heaven? Can you be sure? Does he know Him? Did he love Him? Did you teach him to love God, to know Jesus?

Don’t fool yourself. We would all like to think that our passed child, friend, loved one is dancing in heaven. But are they? Did you MAKE SURE of that? You can’t love or grieve them to heaven. Not after they are gone. But you can lead them there while they are still alive. And there is zero time to waste. Because you don’t know if they will commit suicide. Get in an accident. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone. Eternity is. But you have to lead them there.

R.I.P. To the sons and daughters we mourn.